Spring update

Spring has arrived and it’s time to update my readers (you) on what I’ve been up to.

As you know, I had new plans for 2016.

I’m slowly getting used to new ways of thinking, new skills to learn, new aspects of art to explore.

This is what I have to show for the last few weeks: Each image below shows work done during one class session of my Art and Design Foundation course.

Clicking any image will open a link to other work done on the same session.


Art -063541603113D. Creating a sculpture capable of moving3D. Visit to museums, drawing joints in machines and nature. Art blue bowl-06404160314

2D. Quick drawings using different lines. 2D. Creating volume with shading. 2D. Experimenting with different media and materials. 2D using lines and shapes to convey concepts2D. Perspective2D. Desecrating a bookArt -06132160225Art -06170160302   

Life drawing. Day 1. Art -06104160225Art -06235160303Art-06401160313Art portfolio06421160319

Thanks for reading this.

I hope you enjoyed it.

-I’m very happy I took the plunge and followed this path when it appeared.


On a separate note: Nobody knows how much time we’ll have to follow our dreams. Why put them off?


Work in progress

I have to admit it: I like to experiment, learn new things, use my hands to create objects.

I’m still learning,

Still green.

Making some stuff I like, some stuff I don’t understand myself.

But all is part of the path to learning, so I thought to share it with you and make it public.

Because if I wait to show it until I’ve become much better at it I could keep you on hold for a long, long time.

I don’t want to do that:


Art foundation-9500

Face unfinished

Face. unfinished (this clay head was meant to be a self-portrait)

Face. Finished

Face. Finished

Right side

Art foundation-30

This was an exercise experimenting with a variety of materials.

Art foundation-9507

Art foundation-9510

Art foundation-9509

Art foundation-9512

Art foundation-9517

Art foundation-9518

Art foundation-9520

Art foundation-9522

It’s tempting to dismiss work that is unfinished, imperfect, work in progress.

One day, however, we may be glad we kept them.

Or at least kept the photographs.

Thanks for reading this.

The checklist dilemma

Sometimes we need a break.


Do nothing.


No action.

No plan.

No list.

Or maybe it only happens to me?


In any case, I’m planning to write less about photography for the time being.

I’ve started a new path.

The action presented itself. Unexpectedly. Unplanned. Thrilling nevertheless.

Back to being a beginner. In class with a bunch of  art students finding their way too.

My last drawing is of a box where I keep my wishes:

Things I’d like to do in my life. How I want to feel. How I want to be.

Nothing too detailed or measurable.

Dreams feel better when they happen  (like my new course) unexpectedly, out of the blue.

Without a checklist of goals, actions, detailed steps and strategies.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading this.

Bye 2015

I hope you have had a great year and are looking forward to receiving the next one.

This blog post explains what changed for me in 2015 and how I’ve been  spending my time differently

People change, plans and businesses evolve over time.

I don’t mind not having a detailed map of where I am going. I simply like doing what feels right. And I don’t mind getting lost every now and then and discovering new paths.

These are some of my drawings from 2015. I hope you like them.

I look forward to updating you with anything good  that 2016 brings.

And I hope you have a fantastic 2016 wherever life takes you.

drawing and painting 28

drawing and painting 04

drawing and painting 03

drawing and painting 02

drawing and painting 22

drawing and painting 01

drawing and painting 27

collage with green paper cuttings

drawing and painting 21

drawing and painting 07

drawing and painting 06

drawing and painting 08

drawing and painting 05

drawing and painting 09

drawing and painting 12

drawing and painting 13

drawing and painting 11

drawing and painting 16

drawing and painting 18

drawing and painting 25

drawing and painting 26

drawing and painting 24

drawing and painting 23

drawing and painting 19

drawing and painting 17

drawing and painting 20

Art -05978160218

WOW, you scrolled all this far? I hope you enjoyed it.

If you want to keep in touch and get some more updates from me, feel free to sign up.

Time to keep quiet

 collage with green paper cuttings

collage in green

I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to publish this post when I finish it.

It seems it could be the wrong time. It is not about recent events in Paris. It is not about photography. It is not about something seasonal…

And it’s possible some will think less of me for sharing what I think.

I quite fancy that chance.

I updated you in earlier posts about a book I read that influenced my thinking and prompted me to DIY. I still find my ideas evolving, changing…

I’ve continued, however, with some of the book exercises… And was surprised -when reading them weeks later- that I hadn’t worried about writing blog posts or doing some promotion for my photography.


I used to care more about writing regularly. I used to follow advice from business coaches, from marketing experts, social media gurus…

But I stopped following most of them. They started to feel repetitive after a while. Mechanical.  Their messages didn’t click with me the same way any more.

What should I do instead? Should I stop trying different things for the fear they hadn’t worked? Should I quit my photography business?


Or maybe I could keep quiet for a while. I could stop trying so hard to reach the same people. Stop spending my time and energies on things that no longer felt right; keeping up with the Joneses; posting on social media…

Maybe it’s time to try less, to listen more.

Time to enjoy the process of finding my voice. My style. My people. We all have some people who click with us. It’s just a matter of  keeping the faith. Not going with who speaks louder.

Time to keep quiet, enjoy the silence and think without distractions.

It’s tempting to jump in the band wagon of what other successful people do. It’s unlikely, though, that copying someone’s style or strategies will lead to meaningful success for me.

In a way, when things don’t go according to plan it is a blessing:  It gives me the option of starting again from scratch,  with a view to do only what feels congruent with my ideas. The option to let go of the worries. To follow my own path.

And, of course, the option to enjoy the journey. (Currently taking me through the artistic path.)

Bumpy rides won’t stop me from moving on.

Thanks for reading this.




PS: I am still available for photography portraits. No marketing spiel, though.




Casa en Crendes


I’m back to blogging.

Well, nearly blogging. This time I wanted to share images of a house I photographed in Spain.

It’s not my type of thing, but I was very pleased to be asked.

I hope I did a good enough job and it rents soon.

I decided to share it in a video format (I hadn’t done one of these for ages… but I think I managed OK. No music or sound or subtitles. So please listen to something pleasant whilst watching the video: it’s about 3 and a half minutes long)

Best way to view it is full screen, obviously, on a large monitor if possible.


I hope you like them!

It’s nice to be back, and I’m planning to share some more arts works next time.

(No more DIY for the time being).

Summer update

This update is long overdue.

Luckily, I’ve recently pulled some muscle at work (plan B) so time off is really off.

No errands or DIY projects to spend time on. Instead I’ve been resting, practising with my art paintbrushes and … I’ve realised I left you in limbo after my last update.

The main reason for not writing lately is a book I mentioned on an earlier post: The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. It has pearls such as “… a small shift like a newly painted bathroom can yield a luxuriously large sense of self-care”.

Comments like that -among the exercises and the stories of other creatives she worked with- triggered a chain reaction of one small project after another…

-By the way, she is right:  A freshly painted bathroom makes you feel like royalty-

I found myself spending the last few months between DIY projects, recycling and self-caring activities. I reduced drastically the amount of time I spend on social media, business activities, watching TV or with friends.

I don’t know where it will take me, but every time I think I’m nearly done a new idea pops up,  another small project or activity I want to try.

Even friends have moved in and out of my life in mysterious ways (Julia Cameron calls those apparently random events synchronicity) and I feel freer, happier and more focused because I have more time to myself.

I’ve become a fond follower of the book and I feel better for it.

I’ve indulged in arts lessons (joining already new ones for the new course), I’ve decorated rooms I had left neglected for years, took up projects I didn’t even know I wanted to do, such as removing the coving from my bedroom and redecorating it entirely…

It’s all good.

Those little projects make life enjoyable.

Other things (business, marketing, blogging etc) will happen in due time.

I’m not in a hurry.

I am happy to use my time to care of myself, to rest, to paint and do things I enjoy doing, alone or with people I like.

Even if that means my blog posts and newsletters are fewer and fewer…

If you have any buried dreams I’d recommend you read the book (The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron,1995) Those small projects soon add up and you may end up walking taller, lighter, with new life goals (buried dreams?) to accomplish.

Maybe you’ll end up with freshly painted walls too.

Or joining a class you’ve been putting off for years.

These are some fresh pics of my DIY projects. Nearly finished now.

bathroom walls


choosing colours to liven up the white walls

Choosing colours

“… a small shift like a newly painted bathroom can yield a luxuriously large sense of self-care”

Bedroom changes:

“By tossing out the old and unworkable, we make way for the new and suitable” Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way (1995)

Freshly painted

By the way, it took me weeks to prepare my walls for repainting after removing coving, treating cracks behind lining paper and windows, etc.

Much like with the book, allow yourself time. Small goals will help you move forward without losing hope. Slow progress is still progress.

Thank you for reading this far.

I hope it inspired you to do something about your own unfinished projects, whether DIY or buried dreams.