Shameful feminists

Racist white feminists

Hi again;

As you know, I’ve set myself the task of learning about feminism. This post is part of my quest.

I’ve found that many of the early white feminists were also… racists.

Shame on them, of course… but maybe we could talk about their circumstances. Continue reading »

I was robbed

It happened many years ago.

I didn’t realize it at the time; it didn’t look like theft.

I was on my prep course before university. Our history of philosophy teacher asked us at the beginning of the year:

“Would you like to study the subject  in its entirety… or would you prefer to focus on the first part instead and choose that option at the test?” Continue reading »

The good worker

Slaves enslave their masters” (Greer 2006)

That’s a quote taken from The Female Eunuch, a book I recently revisited.

I have been reading some more books about feminism and inequality in recent months. I thought if I researched some more I’d find some  inspiration for new drawings to add to my sketchbook collection. Continue reading »

An age of distraction

Hello again;

I’ve been pondering for some time about my next blog post, my next newsletter. I wanted to discuss the feeling of bother, almost anxiety, caused by constant demands on my attention.

It’s an idea explored in more detail by Matthew Crawford in his book The World Beyond Your Head: How to Flourish in an Age of Distraction. In the book the author focuses on how corporations gradually and relentlessly have been taking over all public spaces around us Continue reading »

Ink brush drawings (4)

Hello again;


When I started these few posts with my holiday drawings I was planning to do lots more writing and fewer images. But I’ve changed my mind.

I don’t want to write much when I’m tired (the writing can feel forced, I often delete those posts after a while).

But I have been drawing less lately. At first I thought it was because of being busy. Then because I was tired. Then because I was reading more and discovering unfamiliar authors (about feminism, still following me after my art project)

Then I realised I haven’t been drawing because I still have drawings waiting to be shared.

Continue reading »

Ink brush drawings (3)

Hello again;

Some artists work in series of the same subject. Turner worked from field notes and sketches, on several large canvases at the time (an efficient way of saving time and paint). Degas also painted series, such as his ballerinas. Van Gogh created several sunflower paintings. Monet painted waterlilies…

I don’t imagine they did it merely for efficiency or marketing reasons, I think we are often drawn to the same subjects for reasons we cannot explain. Continue reading »

Ink brush drawings (2)


On my last post I told you I had started using a pocket brush pen and colour for my sketches. I have been practising some  more since then.

I’ve learned some new things, such as that a smooth paper surface is better suited to brush pens than a rough one. And I’ve confirmed that the brush pen tends to wobble when drawing straight lines or small details on a hand-held sketchbook. This effect increases when drawing in the open whilst watching rain clouds gathering above me (such as in La Marina view, Corunna)

I hadn’t yet discovered the Inktense pencils and Pentel brush pen on my earlier sketches, but I was already  drawn to the same subjects. Continue reading »

Return to ink brush

Hello again;

I’ve been practising with my graphic marker and Inktense pencils for a few months now.

Recently I tried combining my Pentel brush with colour again. Continue reading »



September is almost over, and I haven’t managed to enjoy my summer as I’d planned.

Instead I have been waiting for things that took longer than anticipated Continue reading »


Hello again;

Sometimes I wish I lived next door to a trendy art gallery or a National Trust building to use for inspiration for my drawings.

Some other times I just do what I can with what I have handy. You can draw something unremarkable and give it meaning, make it last. Continue reading »