Back to reality

Hi again;

It’s strange to think that tomorrow we’ll be picking up our works, tidying up the walls, leaving the place ready for someone else, some other exhibition, some other students or artists in the making.

I don’t like to dwell too long on farewells and goodbyes. I find it much more exciting to think of the road ahead, to think of the good memories (this amazing course that gave me many challenges and many late nights preparing for some deadline or another), and to keep going.

I also like to put things on paper, to draw them, to blog about them.

So I’ll do that. I’ll share some of the drawings I did in the last few days. Drawing is my way to focus on the present. This time I wanted to remember as much as I could, because it was my first exhibition with a group of fantastic artists and I don’t know yet when/if/how/where there will be a next one.

So, there you have it. Drawings from the last few days.

And for those who missed out on our amazing exhibition we’re sorry you couldn’t make it. Luckily there were lots of good company and lots of visitors and we may even have some photographs to share. Soon.

Thanks for reading this.

By the way, we are going to keep in touch. I mean, we course classmates are going to keep in touch. At least virtually, thanks to internet. Some on social media, and some with help of a little project that is still in progress, but will help keep our exhibition work alive for a while longer. Here.