Bathroom sink

Hello again;

bathroom sink sketch

I’ve been working on a few experiments with watercolours lately and I was planning to share them soon. However, life’s been busy and they’ll have to wait until I get some more works finished.

I’ve learned that it is almost impossible to sketch when I’m tired: my lines go wonky, I can’t see things properly and the proportions look wrong. I still keep drawing, though, although I tend to produce quick doodles instead of spending time on details. This makes me less likely to share them here, unless I group them with other more shareable drawings.

Nevertheless, I’m glad I have noticed this difference in my drawings. It  made me appreciate some aspects of those idle times, how they can be so productive, so enjoyable for sketching… even with the dilemma between free/paid (work) time that happens as a result.

One day my drawings will help pay for time spent drawing, but for now my blog posts will show only what circumstances allow.

The one above is my most recent sketch. For this one I tried a new gadget: a white gel pen. I pondered about using masking fluid in my watercolour experiments but I felt it would require too much waiting in between applications. The gel pen is different because you use it after your painting is dry, and it covers a thin line (almost like a tippex pen). This is ideal for sketches in small format, like mine. For this drawing I used Inktense pencils and I drew over some of the grouting and other areas I had painted over by mistake. I tried not to get carried away with it, as I prefer my drawings not to look too polished.

Thanks for reading this.