Bye photography


Hello again;


It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog.

I have been on a break from my course.

I thought I’d take time off.

I didn’t realize I’d be given lots of course homework to take with me.


I wanted to do it.

But it was MY holiday.

To get away from my course, my life in London, my photography business dreams…


I couldn’t fit it all in.


Still, I did some homework.

I did what felt natural.

I took time off. Then I did what I was craving for:

I was craving time off with my brushes, my paints, my thoughts.

Time to experiment freely.

Not caring whether my work relates to some topic or other. Whether someone else’s opinion would matter.

It never does.

Your own opinion is always what matters most.

(Unless you’re driven by results, accolade, qualifications, fans…)

… Not quite the way I see myself.


I’ll be sharing some of my summer works in the next few blog posts.

The one above is a self-portrait I did on my first day there. On my sketchbook.


I had a lovely time, I really got into drawing and exploring arts books (some may even be related to my course homework)


By the way, this break helped me decide to stop offering my photography services to the public.

It feels natural, the logical next step on my journey.

I won’t be making too much noise about it. It was easy to see this would be happening.

It was just a matter of ticking the box and be finished with it.

And… begin something else with renewed energies, see where it may take me.

Onwards and upwards.