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City Lit exhibition

How to find What If? City Lit FAD exhibition

Hi again;

The first time I went to Copeland Gallery I made my own way. I didn’t know of this entrance and walked all around the block to enter through the back gate.

You don’t need to do that. In case you are not familiar with the area I took these pics earlier today. Imagine they are visual breadcrumbs for you to follow when you come to our exhibition. Continue reading »

Angels over Peckham

Hi again;

Don’t worry, I won’t go all religious on my blog. I leave those topics for other people with more to say on the matter.

But I had a funny thing happening this morning, on my way to help set up our upcoming group exhibition at Copeland Gallery, Peckham, and … I had to share with you.

There must have been someone watching over me. Things could have turned out very differently. Continue reading »


Hello again;

I decided to start this blog post early and see if I could publish it nearer the time of the exhibition. The main reason being that procrastinating is much more appealing than working on things that are still undecided in my mind.

For instance: I could keep working on the type of images and decide the colours and write my project and prepare my worksheets.

But… Continue reading »


Exhibition at Copeland Gallery


Exhibition logo by Paula Barrett

(Exhibition logo by Paula Barrett)


We are getting closer to our group exhibition, but there is still the most important work to do, the final touches:

Continue reading »

A library, a street, a church, a gallery…


It’s been a while since my last post.

Maybe you’ve heard about our upcoming exhibition through social media?

I won’t be exhibiting my usual type of drawings there. I’ve been working on a concept and my work for the course has to be connected to it. That has kept my brain busy for much of this time: thinking, planning, dreaming and getting a tad stressed out with the project…

Continue reading »


Hello again;

There are many things I’ve learned in the last year. I’ve read about many artists I didn’t know. I’ve gained skills I can apply to make projects with wood, plaster, fabric, video, clay, recycled materials, mixed media…

I’ve also learned about myself and my preferred style of learning.

It’s getting to the time of the year when we’ll have to make decisions. Many of my classmates are planning to go onto Art careers. Others will carry on doing some specialist courses. All of us are currently working on our final projects. Continue reading »

Sketches in London

Hello again;

I’m running out of ideas regarding what to call these posts. I feel tempted to call them by date.

For now I’ll call this one by its content: sketches in London. Most of the images are in Central London and others in more remote parts.

I enjoyed using my brush pen to make quick drawings in recent months. I’ve now moved to using a fine pen, with loose strokes to speed up the process. I’m also using colour, revisiting some previous locations and drawing them differently. Continue reading »

I’m not ready

(exhibition countdown)

Hi again;

There is a draft post with some drawings around Covent Garden I’m hoping to publish soon. But it’s been freezing lately, my fingers can’t work when they turn to ice and I don’t have enough drawings yet, so it will have to wait a bit longer. Continue reading »


Hi again;

I’ve been enjoying the return to colour in my last sketches.

I’ve also realised that my current drawings owe a lot to my earlier ones. My eyes seem to notice things better and watch out for mistakes I made in previous sketches. Continue reading »

washing up

Hi again;

Do we have to draw things that look pretty? What if we draw something mundane on an ordinary day, when  the washing up is left for later and dishes start to pile up?

Sometimes I find the results appealing:  The random configuration of the dishes in the sink gives me a drawing challenge. No need to go looking for something fancy. Continue reading »