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Sketching at home

Some of my recent drawings.

I recently bought a small skull to use as a model. You may see more of it in future drawings.

The drawings on this post are of my home (I’ve drawn it before and again). I will blame all the mess on my part-time art and design course and full-time day dreaming. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Sketching on the street

Hello again;

These are some of my recent sketches of streets and some places around London.

Soho Square gardens

Lawrie Park Avenue, Sydenham

Continue reading »

Accordion book

I have been told I give the impression of being organised.

my coat

I don’t know how true this really is. There are times when my surroundings look like a bomb exploded around me (for instance, around course deadlines).

I usually come out of these spells with a keen interest in putting order on things that matter. Continue reading »

The music inside

Many years ago I read a book on self development. I can’t remember the title, who wrote it, where this quote came from.

It was in Spanish.

This quote spoke about regrets. About people who died ‘llevandose la musica dentro”. Sad regret: people who died keeping their music inside them. Continue reading »

Sugar spit biting

Sugar spit biting is the name of the technique I used for these prints.

I started by choosing an image from my sketchbook. This one shows a few ornaments on a shelf.

I traced the main outlines onto a metal plate. I painted with a solution of sugar on the plate before placing it in acid. Continue reading »


Hi again;

Today I’m going to share one of my etchings. I learned this technique in printmaking, one of my chosen subjects in my course.

For this project I picked an image from my sketchbook: a table setting.

This is the original drawing, I adapted it to the shape of the etching plate.

I traced some of the drawing onto a metal plate covered with ground (a thin coat of a substance that protects the metal from acid).

I then drew on the plate and submerged the plate in an acid solution. Continue reading »

Around class

Drawings from my course on my sketchbook, in no particular order. Continue reading »

Ink drawings

It was a bad idea, staying up so late to finish some work for my course. I really shouldn’t have: In the end I managed to get the paperwork done but I realised too late that I didn’t have enough time to finish a piece I wanted to present. I had to leave it at home.

Oh well! It felt like a tragedy in the morning, but a few hours later I don’t think it was a tragedy any more. Continue reading »

Making a sketch book

Today’s post is going to be different. I have used some really nice sketchbooks in the last few years but have been unable find them in shops any more.

I liked their format, the small A6 landscape shape, their hard cover. I found some other sketch books but they are not the same: The shape is too wide, or the cover is too soft, or the paper is too thin or too white. Continue reading »

Constructing identities



Hello again; 

This time I’ll try to touch on some of the issues I promised some time ago on my blog.

The assignment for this term is done and posted. I don’t know yet what my tutors think of it. I don’t worry too much about things I cannot change. Continue reading »