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More hand drawings

Hi again;

More drawings of my hand, with the help of a mirror and some props.

I enjoy the many poses hands can offer with just some small object to hold. For the drawings below I used a Pentel brush pen. Continue reading »

home in colour

Drawings in colour


Hi again;

I’ve used monochrome drawings quite a lot over the break. I find them useful to help me notice things around me: the proportions, the shapes, the light and shades.

I find them useful also to help me feel comfortable with mistakes (pencil drawings are different: you can erase mistakes, redraw lines… get a better final drawing at the expense of more time and more work). Ink is unforgiving, so once a line is on paper I need to carry on regardless. Mistakes become just part of the drawing, rather than something to get rid of. Continue reading »

Drawing outside

It’s been a while since I shared some outdoors drawings. These are the most recent ones, in no particular order. 


Church in Penge.

For the drawing above I was standing in the open whilst it was snowing/drizzling. I realised quite soon that drawing on damp paper wasn’t going to work. I left it unfinished. For now. Until a sunny day calls in the near future. Continue reading »


Hello again;

Finally, I’m learning how some inks work. For instance, I like using Parker fountain pen ink for washes, but it doesn’t agree with paper that has been mistreated (I recycled some of my course drawings into new sketchbooks. Wiping off the graphite or charcoal from some of them took some effort and affected the smoothness of the paper). Continue reading »


Hello again;

These are some more practise drawings. This time I experimented with mixing my inks (blue and black) in small bottles.

I have found it quite handy not to have a favourite ink yet: the experimentation to find the ‘right’ colour has prompted me to keep drawing, filling up paper to test each new tone. I’ve made several drawings in a short time without worrying about the end results. I even used some sketchbooks from paper I reused from my course. Continue reading »

Sketching at home

Some of my recent drawings.

I recently bought a small skull to use as a model. You may see more of it in future drawings.

The drawings on this post are of my home (I’ve drawn it before and again). I will blame all the mess on my part-time art and design course and full-time day dreaming. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Sketching on the street

Hello again;

These are some of my recent sketches of streets and some places around London.

Soho Square gardens

Lawrie Park Avenue, Sydenham

Continue reading »

Accordion book

I have been told I give the impression of being organised.

my coat

I don’t know how true this really is. There are times when my surroundings look like a bomb exploded around me (for instance, around course deadlines).

I usually come out of these spells with a keen interest in putting order on things that matter. Continue reading »

The music inside

Many years ago I read a book on self development. I can’t remember the title, who wrote it, where this quote came from.

It was in Spanish.

This quote spoke about regrets. About people who died ‘llevandose la musica dentro”. Sad regret: people who died keeping their music inside them. Continue reading »

Sugar spit biting

Sugar spit biting is the name of the technique I used for these prints.

I started by choosing an image from my sketchbook. This one shows a few ornaments on a shelf.

I traced the main outlines onto a metal plate. I painted with a solution of sugar on the plate before placing it in acid. Continue reading »