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The aquatint process consists of painting on a metal plate with a diluted solution of nitric acid, using a transfer of a drawing as guidance.

The acid ‘bites’ the plate making the surface rough. Longer exposures or stronger concentrations will produce more biting and a rougher surface (if left too long the acid will bite too much and make the surface smooth again)

This is the drawing I used. I transferred the main outline onto a metal plate

I used varnish to protect the lighter areas on the background before painting the main details with acid. Continue reading »


Hello! We meet again.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy the free time during term break. Doing things that take my mind off the world: Continue reading »



I couldn’t believe the sudden urge to knot myself into a ball, close my eyes and wait for summer to be over.

Well, it wasn’t quite so dramatic. It lasted for a few moments over the last week. I don’t feel that strongly any more. Continue reading »

timelapse of a painting

I present you my last work, trying a technique with oils.

The subject was a B/W picture of a project I designed for a different class.

I’ve been told it looks reminiscent of a ‘Telly Tubbies garden”.

I liked that.




I love doodling.

And I’ve noticed some of my doodles follow me around.

They reappear in my art work.

They pop in my head when I’m finished making some new piece for my course.

They whisper in my ear and want me to draw them.

They are relentless. Continue reading »

12th May 2016

I know, not a very original title, but … I’m running out of ideas on how many variations of ‘update’ and seasonal/ artsy references to add to my posts.

Just in case you wonder, though, this is an update (another one!). Continue reading »

Summer update

This update is long overdue.

Luckily, I’ve recently pulled some muscle at work (plan B) so time off is really off.

No errands or DIY projects to spend time on. Instead I’ve been resting, practising with my art paintbrushes and … I’ve realised I left you in limbo after my last update. Continue reading »

A little bit of luxury

Luxury is good for the mind

I knew it.

wall colours

I knew the minute I picked the brush something was about to change. Continue reading »

The side effects of DIY

There is an unexpected side effect to learning, evolving, growing up….

And a side effect to a simple DIY project.

It starts innocently, aiming to improve some area of our home.

Like I did with my wall. Continue reading »

Watching paint dry…

This could have been a very different blog post.

wall display preparation 438

I am still working on getting my walls ready.
I thought of sending you an update so you see the whole process (watching paint dry: fascinating!)… but I realise this is interesting to me.

It may not be that interesting to you, dear reader. I imagine you  know already about home decoration… or if you don’t, maybe you won’t care enough to read about it. Continue reading »