Colour pen drawings

Hello again.

In my last blog post I showed you some of my pen sketches.

This time, I will share some of my colour sketches. Colour pen this time.

I love those 4 colour Bic pens.

I carry one with me all the time. Attached to my sketchbook.

It comes quite handy when I want to make some details stand out.

As a sample, see these pics.



A simple scene with colour to add some interest.

still life mussels

still life mussels

A set up with mussel shells and a newspaper. I wanted to add some colour to the shells and plate so it wouldn’t look too muddy. I also wanted to remember ordinary things of a time when I was away. Like a meal.


Street scene in Coruna

Street view and Forum

For this quick sketch I placed myself on some stairs. If you are familiar with Corunna you may recognise the building in the distance.

I didn’t capture the right proportions of the street and missed a few other details. But I know I could revisit the location at a later date and do a better drawing. So this quick sketch has done its job: it’s helped plant an idea for future work.

On a side note: the place in the distance is a library that I visited quite often (thanks to my course homework). That makes this image a bit more special for me.



Europa park sculpture

This drawing of a dragon captures the same sculpture from my previous blog post in its setting. The colourful mosaic tiles that cover it are conveyed from few colours. I tried to give some depth to the trees using different colours and lines too.

Panoramic of Carino

Panoramic of Carino

Of course, I could have taken a quick snap of any of these images with my camera.

However, I took photos of some of these in the past already. They didn’t turn out very good: the light was wrong, there were people -or modern buildings- getting in the way, or the boats were too far and looked tiny.

Thanks for reading this.

Until next time, with some more drawings.