Hello again.

I planned to enjoy myself during my holiday. I bought some crayons, a small box. One of those I used to have as a child: few colours, intense tones, small and easy to carry.

These are the results:


sink detail

At home in London a sink full of dishes offers an amazing amount of details to draw. They always lay differently, and the combination of flat and round shapes, the different shadows and tones are an exciting challenge to capture.

I also have got many memories of sitting at a table seeing this corner. So I chose it as one of my first drawings.

For this one I used the crayons and the torchon (difumino) to blend the colours better on the paper.



I wanted to capture the figurine with crayons.

This time I blended the colours with turpentine (aguarras). Crayons are harder to blend than oil pastels, but you can still get some of the washed effect.



For this drawing I was inspired by some of the exercises in a book about colour. After I did some test drawings I got this image in my head. Somewhat surreal, as the seagulls are flying on top of my desk and the sky fills the room.

I painted the main dark areas over brightly coloured ones. Then I scratched the top layer with a key, using different kinds of lines to add textures.

I hope you enjoyed these pics. There are still a few more left to share on future posts

Thanks for reading this.