Female Perspectives

Female Perspectives was the theme that guided my final major project at my Foundation in Art and Design course at City Lit, London, in 2017.

This was the blurb of my piece at the group exhibition:

Female Perspectives

Maria Ramil’s illustrations are inspired by conflicting messages in society. Fairy tales and magazines encourage women to seek happiness with a ‘prince’ or rich husband, yet in private most women are constrained by domestic chores and caring for others. These images intend to prompt gender role discussions between children and their parents.




… I am ashamed to admit I had read very little about feminism before I enrolled in the course, until some of the texts we worked on as part of the course piqued my curiosity. I decided to borrow some books from the library over Christmas.

I read several feminist books.

They touched a nerve. I felt much of my thinking, the opinions I had as I grew up made sense: the way I was brought up, my school syllabus, the books and magazines I had been reading when I was younger. All of them designed to make me (to make women and men) see the world in a particular way. To see myself as lacking regarding the way society wanted me to become.

There’s too much to discuss to fit in this page, and I suspect I will expand on my plans to explore, discuss, question and … make art (illustrations) about feminist topics in future blog posts. I plan to include a list of books I’ve read during the course and future ones.


… To be continued.