Feminist books


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I recently read a stupid comment by some celebrity and it made me realise I had a debt with my readers. I had promised I’d talk about  issues I explored as part of research for my major project.

I’m not ready to discuss the issues yet. But I can make a start by sharing some of the book titles, so you have a chance to check them and know what they are about.

By the way, the Collins dictionary says  “Feminism is the belief and aim that women should have the same rights, power, and opportunities as men. “

These books made me think about the messages that surround us, messages that become part of our collective mindset, messages we absorb unknowingly.

I wish they’d been part of my school curriculum years ago.

Feminist books. A reading list:


Feminism For Beginners Watkins, Susan Alice, Marisa Rueda, and Marta Rodriguez. .

Introducing Feminism: A graphic guide. Jenainati, Cathia and Judy Groves.

A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman. Wollstonecraft, Mary and Carol Poston.

The Second Sex. Simone de Beauvoir.

The Beauty Myth. Wolf, Naomi. 

The Female Eunuch. Greer, Germaine. 

Hidden From History. Rowbotham, Sheila.


There are more that I could add but I don’t want to put them all in here at once. These are a good start.

Please pick one and read it.

And feel free to suggest any other books I could add to my list. Thank you.


Other books  to read (see references at the bottom of these blog posts):

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