Framed sketches


When I was doing an art course I showed my sketchbooks to a teacher. He commented on my drawings and asked if I would be able to display them. I said no: I used both sides of the paper. If I detached any page I’d take part of the drawing on the other side.

He seemed sceptical.

But I kept drawing on both sides of the paper. Why? Because my sketchbooks weren’t made to last: I made them for fun, to use them without a care about quality, durability or saleability.

They are convenient and cheap and only for personal use.

However, that conversation left me thinking: What if one day I wanted to display my sketches? Would I have to ruin some other drawings in the process? How long would they last before fading?

I left the question on the back of my mind and kept filling my sketchbooks.

Until I thought I could simply  order prints from my scanned sketches (those I show on my website, here):  I ordered just the right size to fit in the frames I used for my course exhibition.

I chose a few sketches that I like, these ones:

This is the result.

I am chuffed that I’ve found a way to display (some) of my framed sketches on my walls.

I have no idea if I will display them somewhere else one day, but it feels good to know I could if I wanted to.

Thanks for reading this.