Homemade prints

I thought it would be fun to experiment with stuff from my kitchen and apply some of the techniques I learned in my course.

These are the tools I used: plastic divider, ice-cream scoop, microfibre cloth, chopping board (using the reverse side), lots of newspapers, gloves, sponge, white plate for mixing paint.

home prints1

And these are some of the resulting prints:

Printmaking at home-1

gouache and washing up liquid (to keep paint from drying too quickly)

Printmaking at home-4

oil pastels and suntan lotion /olive oil

Printmaking at home-18

shoe polish and ink

Printmaking at home-28

ink +washing up liquid+hand cream.

home printing-22

acrylic paint mixed with hand cream (to stop it from drying too quickly)

I have uploaded many more photos here to keep them all organised.

It’s fun experimenting with art, and it’s even better when you already have the materials at home!