Idle times

Hello again;

When I was attending my recent course I used to draw at lunch time.

It was a useful routine, because it helped me build up a habit.

I have developed another habit recently: I like to draw during idle times: Times waiting for food to cook, for software updates to download. Times when I’m in the middle of doing something and I am losing focus. I have learned that if I turn to drawing my motivation usually comes back.

These are some examples of those times…


So I’ll see where this habit of mine takes me.

I think my drawings would fit with Goya’s ideas about painting  No hay reglas en la Pintura ( … ). La obligación servil de hacer estu­diar o seguir a todos por un mismo camino es grande impe­dimento a los jóvenes que profesan arte tan difícil   (Accessed 26/04/2017)

I wasn’t offered an interview for the course I applied for. Maybe Goya would approve. Life goes on.

Thanks for reading this.