Ink brush drawings (2)


On my last post I told you I had started using a pocket brush pen and colour for my sketches. I have been practising some  more since then.

I’ve learned some new things, such as that a smooth paper surface is better suited to brush pens than a rough one. And I’ve confirmed that the brush pen tends to wobble when drawing straight lines or small details on a hand-held sketchbook. This effect increases when drawing in the open whilst watching rain clouds gathering above me (such as in La Marina view, Corunna)

I hadn’t yet discovered the Inktense pencils and Pentel brush pen on my earlier sketches, but I was already  drawn to the same subjects.

Or perhaps I’m actually drawn to revisit the subjects of earlier drawings…(you may recognise some drawings on the right from earlier posts)


Anyhow, there are some more brush pen drawings I’ll be sharing soon. I had a lovely time drawing them, I hope you like them too.

Thanks for reading this.