Return to ink brush

Hello again;

I’ve been practising with my graphic marker and Inktense pencils for a few months now.

Recently I tried combining my Pentel brush with colour again.



In the drawings above there are some of my sketches with ink. I tried different media: Neoart  (wax pastels) and Inktense pencils. In both cases I used a palette to mix the colours, as the Neoart bars are too chunky for my small sketchbooks.

I prefer the vibrancy of Inktense colours used directly on paper, even if the colour spreads unevenly with the water brush.

The size of the wax pastels is handy for mixing quickly on the palette (pencil takes longer to mix). On the other hand, I find the Neoart box too large to carry around in my handbag.

I was disappointed that the vibrancy of both media faded when mixed on the palette, so I tried using the colour directly on the paper again.

It’s still early days but I have noticed the brush pen makes me work faster and forces me to be economic with the lines.

Some fresh examples? Here they are, this time also using ordinary watercolour pencils. These have an autumnal feeling: The days are getting shorter, the trees are starting to lose their leaves and the mood feels different.



Thanks for reading this.