The music inside

Many years ago I read a book on self development. I can’t remember the title, who wrote it, where this quote came from.

It was in Spanish.

This quote spoke about regrets. About people who died ‘llevandose la musica dentro”. Sad regret: people who died keeping their music inside them.

Nobody to hear it.

Nobody to know about it.

Perhaps waiting for the right moment, the right opportunity to open up and play.

Perhaps worried that their music wasn’t quite polished enough.

No risk of that with me. I love this time of the year because I decided to make it about my music. Well, not my music: things I like to do. Such as drawing, taking notes, losing myself on a blank piece of paper.

I consider them my melodies on paper: Still to be tuned, perfected, polished…

But they are taking me a step further to feeling at ease with myself:

I will not wait for the right moment. Today is good enough. 

view of Tower Bridge and City Hall

Sunset from my window

National Gallery and 4th plinth (by David Shrigley)

kitchen detail

yours truly

Thanks for reading this. Look after yourself and after your music (yourself, your hobbies, your favourite people).

Don’t keep it inside for some day.

Merry Christmas