Hi again.

These posts are gonna keep coming for a bit longer yet.

This time I wanted to use pastels. I didn’t have any at home, so I went to the arts shop and picked what I thought were primary red, blue and yellow. When I got home I realised the red and the yellow were a darker tint than I had thought at the shop.

That’s the reason why the next two drawings look so vibrant and a bit golden.




I painted this whilst waiting for another painting (acrylics applied with paint knives) to dry between coats. I felt it was best not to waste the quality of light waiting. Basically, I didn’t want to watch paint dry.

Using the same subject and position I applied the soft pastels and a wash, to blend the colours and get a smoother finish.



self-portrait in pastels

For the portrait above I repeated the location I used on an earlier sketch. I decided to use the pastels I had at home and put up with the warm tone. The colours don’t quite match the colour of the fabric and skin. It doesn’t bother me at all.


self-portrait and wall.

I’d wanted to take a picture with this wall for ages. The light falls at a particular angle and you can see the change in tones of the shaded area against the brighter one, catching the reflections from a building nearby.

I decided to use dry pastels and a torchon (difumino) to blend the different tones. For this drawing I had some more primary colours available, this time I picked them in lighter hues.

I learned that dry soft pastels are too chunky to paint details. Next time I’d use a pastel pencil for the smaller areas.


self portrait and wall

This is a second version taken shortly after the first one. For this drawing I used the same colours and only changed the perspective slightly. I also used a wash to blend the colours and paint small details. My face is barely visible. That helps add prominence to the main subject, which is the white wall with its different tones.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you liked it.

See you on my next post with some more drawings.