Work in progress

I have to admit it: I like to experiment, learn new things, use my hands to create objects.

I’m still learning,

Still green.

Making some stuff I like, some stuff I don’t understand myself.

But all is part of the path to learning, so I thought to share it with you and make it public.

Because if I wait to show it until I’ve become much better at it I could keep you on hold for a long, long time.

I don’t want to do that:


Art foundation-9500

Face unfinished

Face. unfinished (this clay head was meant to be a self-portrait)

Face. Finished

Face. Finished

Right side

Art foundation-30

This was an exercise experimenting with a variety of materials.

Art foundation-9507

Art foundation-9510

Art foundation-9509

Art foundation-9512

Art foundation-9517

Art foundation-9518

Art foundation-9520

Art foundation-9522

It’s tempting to dismiss work that is unfinished, imperfect, work in progress.

One day, however, we may be glad we kept them.

Or at least kept the photographs.

Thanks for reading this.