PVA glue

Hello again.

This time I decide to experiment with things I had handy. I hadn’t used some old eye shadows in years. I’d planned to throw them away one day. I hadn’t got around to it yet. They came handy to experiment with.

I had a limited selection of colours. Nevertheless, I decided to crush them and mix them with pva glue. See what I could get.

I got these:


perfume bottle

A tiny bottle containing perfume of violets. The label is French. One of those bottles that gets passed on through generations, maybe?

I didn’t get much detail with the runny consistency of the pva mixture. But it was fun to try something different.


light on curtains

Some different subject. The colours don’t match exactly here (or on the image above). But being creative is about using your imagination. And about enjoying yourself. I got to do both things with these paintings.

Thanks for reading this.

See you with more drawings soon

PS: Yes, this is still a set of scheduled posts. Funny how a spell of stiffness (all the bending and crouching taking pics of these many drawings) can help your blogging schedule.