I couldn’t believe the sudden urge to knot myself into a ball, close my eyes and wait for summer to be over.

Well, it wasn’t quite so dramatic. It lasted for a few moments over the last week. I don’t feel that strongly any more.

But it surprised me.

I thought I had a good run on the last term of my course. I thought I had managed to keep on top of things without getting too wrapped up in the group.

And yet, the thought of not being in the same class again, not facing the same challenges every week together, not being with the same people every week any more… felt like a loss.

I’m glad we met. I’m glad I’ll still see many of them in between lessons, each one to our different specialism. I’m glad it happened and we had a chance to chat and say our farewells on the last day.

To help me deal with moments like that, I find it useful to recap, focus on the good memories I want to take with me,  before I move swiftly on to the next project.

My next project is doing nothing too intellectual for the next few weeks, getting prepared mentally for the next round of conceptualism and whatever other theories they throw at me. Let’s see how it pans out…

And for your benefit I have put together a brief round of my works from the last term.


If you have time to kill feel free to go and check other works here too.

By the way: I have no idea what I will write about now that the summer break is on.

Time will tell.

I’ll just listen for the clues and let the writing happen when it may.