Recycled sketchbooks

Making sketchbooks from recycled paper

Hello again;

I’ve been finding things to do in my spare time after the end of my course.

I had lots of paper laying about: papers from worksheets, from presentation sheets, from test prints I liked and from test prints that didn’t work out.

I wanted to hold on to those works: Some are beautiful experiments, others are worksheets with concepts I learned during my course. I didn’t want to let go of those works, and I didn’t want to let old papers take up my space either. I thought of ways I could hold on to them and find them some practical use.

Last year I recycled some of my worksheets to make some sketchbooks (I blogged about those on this post)

This time I had a lot more papers, and with the course finished I didn’t feel the need to keep them to use in future projects. 

So I made some different sketchbooks where every other page is already used. Like so:



I haven’t started using them yet but they seem reasonably sturdy.

Just a note of warning: I didn’t use the customary thread, techniques or covers used by professional bookbinders. My sketchbooks are just for my personal use, to sketch for fun and without worrying about the longevity of the drawings.

And now they are also mementos of a fantastic time doing an Arts course.

Thanks for reading this.