Hello again;

I’ve found it strange not to be at my course any more.

On the one hand I welcome the free time, not to have to travel back and forth to class every week.

On the other hand things are still unclear. Life is taking time to get settled into a routine.

Maybe it will take time. Maybe a different routine will take over.

In the meantime I’ve found myself drawing more. Maybe because I have more free time, or because I have so many sketchbooks to fill. I’m also keen to blog again, perhaps to share those drawings and not let them be buried in drawers, out of sight…

This time I give you some recent detail drawings around my kitchen.

In my course I learned not to worry too much about fitting my drawings around a theme, but draw what feels natural and think about the theme later. It’s just a way to discover where my tendencies naturally go , rather than overthinking it and letting the inspiration vanish.


I wish I had been able to do this during the whole course.

I’ve noticed, reading my notes (I write a lot, mostly on paper and never to be shared) that for much of the last few months I had been obsessing about the end of course exhibition: I dreamt about it, I wrote about it, I sometimes resented having that much space in my head taken up with the exhibition project.

Not any more.

I’ll try to hold on to the best memories of the course and my classmates’ works.

Time to forget, though, the exhausting process of researching and refining my message whilst thinking of a way to make it exhibitable. I no longer need to explain.

Not for now.

Thanks for reading this.