Spring update

Spring has arrived and it’s time to update my readers (you) on what I’ve been up to.

As you know, I had new plans for 2016.

I’m slowly getting used to new ways of thinking, new skills to learn, new aspects of art to explore.

This is what I have to show for the last few weeks: Each image below shows work done during one class session of my Art and Design Foundation course.

Clicking any image will open a link to other work done on the same session.



Art -063541603113D. Creating a sculpture capable of moving3D. Visit to museums, drawing joints in machines and nature. Art blue bowl-06404160314

2D. Quick drawings using different lines. 2D. Creating volume with shading. 2D. Experimenting with different media and materials. 2D using lines and shapes to convey concepts2D. Perspective2D. Desecrating a bookArt -06132160225Art -06170160302   

Life drawing. Day 1. Art -06104160225Art -06235160303Art-06401160313Art portfolio06421160319

Thanks for reading this.

I hope you enjoyed it.

-I’m very happy I took the plunge and followed this path when it appeared.


On a separate note: Nobody knows how much time we’ll have to follow our dreams. Why put them off?