The beginning

Hello again;

Sketching at home

I wasn’t feeling very upbeat when I wrote my last post.

I feel better now. I am enjoying sketching again without an agenda,  deadlines, or courses to worry about.

I’ve also received my course results. I passed! The feedback was meticulous and accurate; it confirmed what I already knew about my project: I could have done more, better, differently.

I agree.

BUT I did my best in the circumstances.

I  knew that my project wasn’t finished. The exhibition merely marked the start of it.

There are many, many things I want to research yet: I want to read more books, research more artists, visit more exhibitions, watch more news, see more social media updates, see more marketing messages, read more newspapers, browse more magazines, watch more TV programs.

Have more conversations with other people. Ask for suggestions for my future research.

A long list of tasks, I know.

I plan to keep working on my project, ‘female perspectives‘, in the coming months.

I know the course is over. The learning doesn’t have to stop, though.

I want to keep researching these issues for myself. To help me understand. To see where they may take me. And to share my ponderings and findings with those who are interested too.


Thanks for reading this.