The side effects of DIY

There is an unexpected side effect to learning, evolving, growing up….

And a side effect to a simple DIY project.

It starts innocently, aiming to improve some area of our home.

Like I did with my wall.

wall display planning tips 2693

Before (2002)

wall display and practice photos 460.

After (2015)

I’m delighted with the results: it feels great to be home.

But now that the wall is sorted it seems as if the rest of the house needs freshening up..

I’m on my fourth tester paint pot, thinking of the next one…. I have also been planning works on my bathroom and a few other walls…

That explains why I’m not posting too much lately

So you know, what we start with the best of intentions may change us.

It may start with a small gesture to improve the looks of a wall.

It may end up with changes beyond the home d├ęcor.




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