Unsocial media


Social media noise

I know I’m far from being a social media butterfly:

I was one of the last people I know to use a mobile phone.

I reluctantly joined social media to help my new business.

I unfollow people who post too frequently (Or those I find too preachy, too salesy or too crude for my liking)

I’d rather not share my personal information or whereabouts -leisure, trips, shops etc- with internet.

I’m lately developing a phobia of liking or sharing things on social media because it feels as if I’m giving my privacy away, as if I’m trapped in an unstoppable snowball of all the likes and shares of all the people (robots or acquaintances) I’m connected to.

I guess it’s a miracle I still keep my blog post going, isn’t it?

Not really: I love writing my blogs, sharing my drawings and finding my own path. Never mind the followers or unfollowers.

I also like the motivation it gives me to keep using my sketchbook.

Drawings around Sydenham and Crystal Palace

Enjoy these. All done within strolling distance from my home.



Thanks for reading this.