Watching paint dry…

This could have been a very different blog post.

wall display preparation 438

I am still working on getting my walls ready.
I thought of sending you an update so you see the whole process (watching paint dry: fascinating!)… but I realise this is interesting to me.

It may not be that interesting to you, dear reader. I imagine you  know already about home decoration… or if you don’t, maybe you won’t care enough to read about it.

So I’ll update you some more on my other portrait adventures (if you follow me on Facebook you may have seen these already) instead. You are welcome.

As you know I decided to join a local arts class.

I’m quite pleased with the experience. It has rekindled me with my artistic inclinations… and it’s been exciting to see what I can do in a short amount of time under pressure.

Sketch 1

This was my very first attempt at it. On the first day. When I was anticipating a relaxing day listening to the teacher ask us about each other or explain what we’d be learning during the course.

No chance.

“Get your pens, sketch pads and get on with the first draft”

What? Just like that?

(Thump, thump, thump… sweat starts pouring from my forehead)


Best way to get started.

And these are the results that followed…

portrait 1

Day 1. Final work.

draft 2

Day 2. Sketch



Day 2. Final work



Day 3. No sketching this time…


Sketch 4.

Sketch 4


portrait 4

Day 4. Final work.

Sketch 5

portrait 5

Day 5. Final work.

portrait sketch 6

sketch 6


portrait 6. Primary colours.

Day 6. Finished work


sketch day 7

Sketch 7



Day 7. UNFINISHED work. To be continued….

Well, this has been fun so far…

And about the people attending the class?… we’re getting on. That’s also important.

We are having fun being artistic: some hate getting messy with paint, others love bold lines, some like pale tones and subtle lines… all reflecting our personalities.

I definitely enjoy making mess when I paint: it’s all about freedom, flow, going with the mood.


A bit like in my photography, actually… Going with the mood and exploring what is around rather than manufacturing poses and lighting effects… (or even blog posts)