Watercolour pencils 2

Hi again.

I have to confess I hadn’t paid much attention to my watercolour pencils before my  holiday. They were lying about in the drawer. I felt more inclined to use acrylics or other media I had at home in London. I didn’t feel they were colourful enough.

But they proved me wrong.

I found them really handy to carry when out and about. Easy to use. Light. Clean. No mess.

And I started to use them more and move.

For all sorts of subjects.



Balcony and houses

This was one of my first sketches with watercolour pencils. I didn’t have much time on the day, so I simply used the pencils at the time and put the wash later on.

I simplified the drawing leaving out some details, such as the left side of the wall and window.



still life table and napkin

Nothing fancy, just an ordinary moment in the day, with a humble table. And the light was lovely.

My pencils came out, no need to wait for the perfect subject.


houses on a hill

This was another quick sketch, done on a morning walk. I sat on a bench and looked around. I didn’t want to draw a scenic view, so I picked a picturesque set of houses.

No need to fill the page, as the buildings I left out were modern and didn’t match these little houses.


Carino view

On the day I climbed to this viewing spot I also took some pics with my mobile. I prefer the drawing, even if the horizon turned out a bit wonky and I made up half the architecture. The drawing has simplified the scene and kept the intensity of the colours.

This time I used a thicker paper with medium texture. I used biro first to draw the main lines. I finished the drawing later on as it was getting too hot for sitting in the sun. I think I will return again in the future, hopefully the weather will come along next time too.


Torre de Hercules at sunset, Corunna.

For this last image I made a mistake: I used the flat side of the paper, instead of the textured one. In hindsight I think it worked out better, as I had little time to draw and the light was changing quickly.

Again I drew the main lines with biro (leaving out some details) before using watercolour pencils and a wash in quick strokes.

Thanks for reading this. See you soon with some more of my summer drawings.