Watercolour pencils drawings

Hi again;

No, I’m not going through a phase of inspiration. I think I am scared of the beginning of the course.

I’m worried I will be again too busy and I’ll neglect writing on my blog.

I’m also worried that everybody in my class will be fantastic and I’ll feel a bit rubbish in comparison (just for a little while) and my holiday drawings will look disappointing.

So I decided to write these whilst the course hasn’t started yet, whilst I feel ecstatic on my return, happy to share my doodles with the world… I decided to schedule several posts and see how it goes.

See? Technology has some good uses too.

(It’s not just for getting spammed with trivia and marketing messages)

Time is getting on and I feel we need to add colour to these posts urgently. Enough with biro pen drawings.

I’m giving you watercolour pencils


Biro and watercolour pencil

I liked how the light fell on the washing line. I started this drawing on colour pen and decided later that it needed to show the yellow of the wall. I used watercolour pencils and wash. I think the shadows could have been darker, but … sometimes it’s best not to fiddle with a drawing when it’s nearly finished. We can always do a fresh new version later on.



sea and mountains

This is a simple scene. I sat in the shade for a while, trying to take it all in: the view, the warmth, the feeling of summer.


beach and boats

Another warm day as you can tell from the children splashing in the water. I used watercolour pencils and wash.



For this image I wanted to use watercolour pencils (over biro pen lines) but in a monochromatic style, using different shades of red and brown, to capture a particular light on the  wall. I didn’t quite get it as planned. Maybe I should have used different colours, or different media.

Still, I enjoyed drawing all of these and capturing the memories in my head.

I hope you enjoyed them too.

Till next time. Thanks for reading this.